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Welcome to Botszy !

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Thanks for trusting your creatures to Botszy. In this guide you will learn the steps to bring your mechanical creations to life with the latest digital rigging technology.

What's Botszy

Botszy is motion control software designed and developed from the ground up by industry experts with one purpose - to simplify the control of robots and animatronic creations. By incorporating modern techniques from digital animation in combination with the traditions of physical creature FX, you obtain a seamless overview of all your control devices, allowing you to manage and animate your creations with an easy yet comprehensive set of tools.

Getting started with Botszy

Main features:

Creature creation and rigging

  • Inputs and outputs compatible with multiple boards. Please see the compatibility list.
  • Unlimited number of channels and devices.
  • Channel mechanical envelope configuration.
  • Channel mixing.
  • Signal generator.

Managing your creature

  • Live control using mouse, USB game device or RC controller.
  • Record and play sequences (under development).
  • Ghost view to check a creature's status.
  • Multiple creatures view.
  • Quick access to channel settings.
  • Battery and radio telemetry monitoring.

Additional connectivity features