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Software Installation

Hardware requirements

When using the software for first time you will need some compatible hardware. You can see the list of supported control boards in the Compatible Hardware List (HCL). For this example we will use a Starter Kit using a Pololu Maestro boards and standar RC parts:

  • Pololu Maestro (any of the variants).
  • USB cable
  • RC model servos, like Futaba 3003 or similar.
  • 6V/2A Power supply or battery.
  • Battery charger (Recommend)

System requirement

Botszy will run on 64 bit Windows 8, 10 or later. The minimum operating system required is:

Installer Wizard

  • Windows 8/10 or higher. 64 bit.
  • 8Gb RAM or higher.
  • 1Gb free hard disk space.
  • Free USB ports.

Download the installer

The first step is to visit the Bostzy website, click on "Download" and get the latest version for your operating system. You can also download the software by clicking on this button:

Download Botszy

Once the download is completed, you should see the file in your "Downloads" folder.

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Internet connection required

The installer will connect to internet to download updates and activations. If you need to install in a restricted network, configure the proxy settings or contact your administrator to allow connection to our servers.

Run the installer by double-clicking on it. The system might ask for application trust and administrative permissions to continue.

Installer Wizard

During the installation you will be asked to accept the license terms. Please, read it carefully and accept the EULA conditions to continue. The installer will connect to our servers to download the packages:

Installer Wizard

Once the installation process is finalized, you'll see this window:

Installer Wizard

Now you can find Botszy launcher in the Start Menu Botszy.

Next Step: Running the application

Running the Application

Go to the start menu, search the Botszy launcher and run the Application. When the Application is executed for the first time, it will ask for a license code.

Next Step: License Activation