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Live Control

Connecting input devices

Thrustmaster USB Joystick

Botszy supports several kinds of input devices. In this example we will use a USB joystick for a simple servo control demonstration.

Most joysticks provide several movement channels, typically pitch, yaw, roll, and sometimes a thrust channel. Botszy can handle all these channels and buttons in a flexible way to control your creature. To check the available input axis, see the device properties in the Windows Control Panel.

To use a new input device with Botszy, click in the "+" button on the device panel, and click to add a new joystick device:

Adding a Joystick device

The joystick device should appear on the device list:

Botszy with Joystick device

If for some reason you don't see the board, please check the troubleshooting FAQ. Alternatively you can use mouse control, USB gamepads, RC transmitters or compatible receivers

Mapping inputs to servos (direct connection)

Once the device is connected you can map this input to any of the output channels. This configuration is the most basic. To connect the map, open the desired channel and select an input mapping axis from the list:

Botszy with Joystick device

Start/stop the scene

In botszy all of the outputs are controlled by a global play switch. For safety reasons the live control will only start when you press the play button.

Main Toolbar

To pause or stop the scene, you can use the corresponding buttons. The Pause button will freeze the action at the current moment keeping the motors energized. The Stop button will reset all channels, the time counter and disengage all actuators.

Press Play to start the scene and control the motors with the joystick.

Now press Pause to frezee the scene, the motors will stop but retain their position. Press Play again to resume the action.

When you wish to stop the action completely, powering off the motors, press Stop.