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Starter Kit

Botszy supports a series of different control boards and devices, you can see a complete list in our HCL List. If you don't have any previous hardware, we recommend a list of minimum components to getting started with the software.

BrandDeviceMag. CodeInformation
Pololu Corp.Mini Maestro 12ch1352+info
Pololu Corp.USB Cable A to Mini-B1315+info
Pololu Corp.2x Servo 1501MG1057+info
Pololu Corp.NiMH Battery Pack 6.0V2224+info
Pololu Corp.Battery Charger (recommended)2588+info

Purchase this list on Pololu on-line store : Wish List

Pololu Maestro with a connected servo

Input devices

Botszy supports several type of input devices, including

  • USB Joysticks/Gamepads
  • USB RC Receiver
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

These devices provide different numbers of input channels and toggle buttons. See the reference for information about setting input devices.