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In Botszy, a channel represents a physical actuator or an input axis. Each channel has an associated a position or value, called signal, that is calculated for every simulation frame. Channels are grouped in devices, which are a set of channels with some common hardware or logic.

Channels in physical devices

The physical devices are the actuators or input devices that are connected to Botszy host. In each device we may find several channels, these can be inputs or outputs in relation to the device.

Channel directions

In Botszy, channel directions are named in relation to the device and the internal Botszy graph. An input channel is a signal that enters the system, and is shown in the node graph as a signal.

Channels in virtual devices

Virtual devices are components that only exists as software inside of the Botszy engine, and don't have a hardware equivalent. Virtual devices can generate new signals or modify existing channels from other devices.

Connecting channels

Filters and Operators