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A device in Botszy is a logical representation of a set of channels that shares some common hardware or logic. The devices could be physical, that is a representation of a hardware device connected by some bus to the system (USB or serial), or virtual which are some kind of software-only logic that transforms or generates channel information.

Device Classes

The included devices classes are:

Physical vs Virtual devices

A hardware device represent any physical device that is connected physically and is external to Botzy, this includes control boards, actuators, and input devices. It is neccesary that the device will be present to play the scene.

On the other hand, virtual devices are components that don't have a hardware equivalent, they exists only as software inside the Botszy engine. Virtual devices are typically used to convert, transform or generate signals from channels.

Managing Devices (Devices Panel)

You can see all the devices used in the project in the Devices Panel on the main window.

Devices Panel

Device actions

Below the Devices Panel, and in the context menu found by right-clicking on any of the elements, you can see the actions available for both devices and channels:

Devices Actions

  • Channels... - Open the channel list window for the device.
  • Config - Open the settings for the device or channel.
  • Add - Add a new device to the scene.
  • Remove - Delete a device from the scene.

Adding a new device

To create a new device, click in the "+" button on the Device Panel or in the context menu, and then click to select the device type to add it to the scene:

Adding a Joystick device

Removing a device

This operation cannot be undone

Deleting a device will remove all its settings and connections, be sure to save the scene before performing any destructive actions.

To remove a device, select the devices parent node in the Device Tree, right click and select the Remove device option. The device with all its channels and connections will be removed from the scene.

Some devices are created automatically, for example, hardware devices that are directly supported by Botszy when they are detected in a USB port. If you try to delete one of these devices, it will simply appear again a few seconds later. In any case, you can always create a new device and associate it with existing hardware.