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Ghost View

The Ghost View is the workspace where you will create the dashboard for controlling your creatures. It allows you to add images, gauges and actuators that will be associated with different parts of your control graph. You can zoom and pan this window to accommodate the best view of your work area.

Ghost View

The Ghost View

The Ghost View allows you to zoom and pan the canvas to any scale. You can also select, move and scale all the components to rearrange your dashboard.

Main Toolbar

All the tools necessary to navigate the view can be found in the Main Toolbar and in the View menu.


The zoom level of the view is controlled using the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons on the main toolbar, or by using the same commands located in the View menu.

The Fit to Screen option adjusts the zoom to see all of the elements in the scene. In the View menu there are also commands to adjust the view to one of several fixed scales (50%, 100%, 150%, etc...)

Scrolling with the mouse wheel in or out will also change the current zoom level. If you have a touch pad, you can swipe two-fingers up and down for the same effect.


To pan the canvas, use the scrollbars on the sides of the view or press the center button in the mouse. When using the mouse, the cursor changes to a hand to indicate that you can now drag and move the view with the cursor.

Selecting items

There are several ways to select a item in the view. The simplest way is hover the mouse pointer over an item and click with the left mouse button. The item will be selected, showing a dashed line frame with selection handles:

Ghost View

Selecting a item in the view

When a item is selected, there are several actions that can be performed:

  • The item is highlighted with a dashed line frame.
  • The edit handles are used for resizing and positioning the item.
  • The size and position are shown in the status bar.
  • Several other controls can be activated, depending of the type of item.

To clear the current selection, just click on any empty area of the canvas, or press the key.

Adding items

Available items are shown in the widget library, located by default on the lower left side of the Main Window. Items can be added to the Ghost View simply by clicking on them and dragging to the active view. Alternatively you can add items by clicking with the right mouse button on any empty space and selecting the Add item option in the context menu.

Once that the item is added to the scene, it's possible to move, scale and change its settings.

Widgets are not connected by default

Newly added items are not associated to any channel, to see how to associate channels with a new widget, please follow the instructions below.

Connecting widgets to channels

To be able to show useful information or send commands to a creature, you should connect the items in the ghost view with channels or parts of the control graph. To open the settings of a item, select it and right-click to open the context menu, and select Configure Widget. In the item settings you can choose any of the channels in the control graph to be associated with this item.

Once that the item is associated, it will show the channel status and in some cases show alerts or send commands to it.