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Joystick device

Gamepad USB

Botszy supports USB gamepads and joystick devices. Most joysticks provide several movement channels, typically pitch, yaw, roll, and sometimes a thrust channel. Botszy can handle all these channels and buttons in a flexible way to control your creature. To check the available input axis, you can open the device properties in the Windows Control Panel.

Adding a joystick device

To use a new input device with Botszy, click in the "+" button on the device panel, and click to add a new joystick device. Now the joystick device should appear on the device list.

Adding a Joystick device

Both joysticks and gamepads have a similar set of axes, to check the function of each one, press the "Play" button in the Main Toolbar and watch out for the changes in channel values.

Using multiple joystick devices

In the config window of the joystick device it is possible to change the number of connected devices. You can use multiple devices using different index numbers.

Joystick device config Joystick config