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Main Window

The Main Window

This is the default layout for the main Botszy window:

Botszy Main Window

On the very bottom of the main window is a status bar that will occasionally show information like automatic processes or status messages.

The main sections of the interface are:

As in most desktop software, many of the functions of are available through menus. The menu at the top of the main window gives you access to almost every feature included in Botszy.

File Menu

Depending on your operating system, the menus might appear a little different, but the functions are the same. If an action has a keyboard shortcut, it will show next to the option. Learning to use the shortcuts for the most frequently used features will make using the software quicker and more efficient.

Main Toolbar

The Toolbar gives you fast access to the most commonly used functions for opening or saving files, moving or zooming the active view, and controlling the start/stop of the actuators.

Main Toolbar

If you aren't sure of the function of a button, hover the mouse over it and it will tell you:


Device Panel

The device panel shows all the physical and virtual devices that are connected in the scene. From it you can show the channels and quickly navigate to the specific option of each one.

Devices Panel

Below this panel, or in the context menu accessed via right-click on any of the elements, you can see the actions available for devices and channels:

Devices Actions

  • Open channel list for the device
  • Show a config window for device or channel
  • Add a new device to scene
  • Remove device

See more information in Devices and channels in depth.

Widget palette

In the widget palette you will see all the available items that can be added to the ghost view. To add any of the items, just click and drag them to the canvas view. These widgets could be from several categories:

  • Graphics: Images used to define different creature parts, provides a quick link to a setting.
  • Gauges: Displays input or telemetry variables, they can also provide channel status.
  • Controls: Allows to control some variable or setting of your scene.

Widget Palette

Ghost View

The ghost view is the workspace where you will design a panel for controlling your creatures. It allows for adding images, gauges and actuators that will be associated to different parts of your control graph. This window can zoom and pan to accommodate the best view of your panel design.

Ghost View

See detailed info of : Ghost View

Graph View

The Graph View is the main workspace where you design your control graph. This graph is composed of devices, nodes and wires. It describes the behavior of the creature when acting, connecting the flow of information from inputs to the physical outputs. This is the place where you define the logic of the creatures.

Additionally you can also use this graph to add actions, suchas alarms or warnings based on telemetry information. Please see the telemetry section for more details of this function

Node View

See detailed info of : Graph View