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Pololu Maestro

Botszy supports several kind of controllers for motors, servos and actuators. In this section we will use the Pololu Maestro boards from Pololu Corporation, for a simple servo control example.

Pololu Maestro 12 Channels

Pololu Maestro boards are available in 6, 12, 18 and 24 channel configurations, and are designed to connect multiple RC servos to a PC. Botszy supports all of these variants in servo output mode.

Pololu Maestro is NOT a part of the Botszy control system. You can purchase the boards separately from distributors and online stores:

  • Pololu web store
  • TME

Detecting hardware

By default Botszy auto-detects supported USB hardware and adds it to the device list. Just open Botszy with a new project and check that all the hardware is displayed in the device list.

If for some reason you don't see the board, see the troubleshooting FAQ.

Botszy with connected Pololu board

Botszy auto-detect USB devices

Configure device

The Pololu device has a configuration window where you can map the device with any compatible compatible physical devices.

This mapping is stored in the scene using the board's serial number, so the setup will be the same even if you move the board to another PC, or change the USB port. If for some reason the board is disconnected, the device will remain in
a disconnected state until the device is connected again.

Pololu device configuration

Botszy auto-detect USB devices

Also from this window you have the following button commands:

  • Pololu Setup : Opens the Pololu Maestro Control Center, if it is installed on the system.
  • Reset : Resets the board, this will move all channels to neutral and stop the scene.
  • Stop : Stops all motors.