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Signal Generator

The signal generator is a virtual device that is intended to generate different periodic or random signals. These signals are useful for creating automatic effects in creatures such as breathing, circles or random movements. The device can output multiple signals synchronized from the same source. It is also possible to control the generation parameters from other channels for manual control or nested waveforms.

Adding a Signal Generator device

To add a Signal Generator, click on the "+" button on the device panel, and click OK:

Adding a Signal Generator

The Signal Generator will appear on the device list:

Botszy with Signal Generator

The Signal Generator is a virtual device, not linked to any physical hardware. It provides virtual channels that can be used to control other sources.

By default, the Signal Generator has a single virtual channel. You can add additional outputs in the Configuration > Window.

Configuring the Signal Generator

To open the Signal Generator config window, select the device in the Devices panel and right-click. In the context menu click on "Config...". You will see the configuration window:

Signal Generator configuration